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“Styling for Success: Glamoholic Apparel’s Guide to Power Dressing in Nigeria”

Power Dressing

Welcome to our guide on power dressing in Nigeria by Glamoholic Apparel. We blend corporate fashion with Nigerian style to create a confident and professional look. This style lets individuals show their confidence and professionalism through what they wear. At Glamoholic Apparel, picking the right outfit is key to success, and we have a range of luxury brands to help you do just that.

First impressions are crucial in the business world, and your outfit plays a big part. Power dressing is all about looking stylish, professional, and unique. It’s a way to stand out and be noticed with your clothes, all while reflecting your Nigerian culture.

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Power dressing is more than a trend. It’s about embracing your style to feel empowered in life. Our guide dives into the history and benefits of power dressing. It shows how clothing choice can reflect your confidence and lead you to succeed in your career.

Come with us on a journey to better understand power dressing in Nigeria with Glamoholic Apparel. Let us help you discover your hidden confidence with our quality brands and fashion advice.

The History of Power Dressing

Power dressing started in the 1970s and 1980s. It was a way for women to show authority in work and politics, where men usually dominated. John T. Molloy made it known with his books, “Dress for Success” and “Women: Dress for Success.” He suggested a special dress code for each gender.

At first, power dressing was about wearing clothes like men. This included suits, shoulder pads, and skirts that were not too short. The idea was to look less feminine and more in charge. But, as time went on, women added more of their own style. They kept looking authoritative but started to wear clothes that showed their femininity, too.

Features of Power Dressing

Power dressing is known for its unique look. It began by using traditional men’s clothes and added authority and professionalism. Its key aspect was being conservative.

The key aspects of power dressing are:

  • Tailored Suits: These suits are a must for power dressing, giving off a well-groomed vibe. You can match them with trousers or skirts, showing off both elegance and professionalism.
  • Padded Shoulders: Jackets with padding at the shoulders are common. They not only make you look stronger but also more confident.
  • Roll-Neck Sweaters: For something different, try a roll-neck sweater instead of a regular top. They’re warm and add a hint of style.
  • Knee-Length Skirts: Power dressing loves skirts that hit at the knee. This length is both professional and feminine.

Power dressing doesn’t forget the feminine touches. It often includes silk scarves, brooches, and pearl necklaces. These make the outfit more sophisticated. It proves feminine style can mix well with being in charge.

When it comes to colour and print, power dressing sticks to plain and classic looks. It avoids busy patterns and chooses timeless ones like pinstripes and houndstooth. It goes for colours like blue, black, and grey. These choices keep the style strong and serious.

One iconic power dressing look is this:

Power Dressing Look

Table: Comparison of Power Dressing Elements

Element Traditional Power Dressing Modern Power Dressing
Style Conservative Combination of Conservative and Feminine
Accessories Silk scarves, brooches, pearl necklaces Statement jewelry, belts, handbags
Patterns Pinstripes, houndstooth, plaids Mixed patterns, bold prints
Colors Blue, black, navy, grey Expanded color palette

Power dressing has changed with the times. It now mixes conservative choices with feminine items. By carefully picking clothes and adding the right accessories, power dressing helps you show you’re confident and professional.

Origins of Power Dressing

The start of power dressing began with the famous Chanel suit from the 1920s. Coco Chanel’s design changed how women dressed for work. The suit mixed tough touches with neat tailoring, making a smart and feminine look for work.

The Chanel suit featured clean lines, a strong jacket, and a skirt down to the knees. It meant women could move well in places usually just for men. It gave them the power to feel bold and sure of themselves in any work situation.

In the 1980s, power dressing had a big moment thanks to designer Claude Montana. He was famous for his big shoulder pads, which were very stylish then. These pads were not just pretty; they showed off power and confidence too.

Even now, the Chanel suit and other power dressing ideas still guide how professional clothes are made for women. This history influences today’s styles. It helps women and men feel strong and sure of themselves.

Chanel Suit Claude Montana’s Shoulder Pads
The Chanel suit changed women’s work clothes forever in the 1920s, giving them something smart just for them. Claude Montana’s strong shoulder pads showed off power and style in the 1980s.
This suit mixed tough and gentle styles to make a sophisticated look. Shoulder pads highlighted glamour but also stood for being strong and in charge.
It gave women in men’s worlds the freedom to move and feel confident. It helped in workplaces, making people feel they could speak with confidence.

Evolution of Power Dressing

As more women became leaders at work, power dressing changed. It got more feminine, mixing women’s styles with a strong message. Women could show their power and unique style through what they wore.

In the 1980s, power dressing got a feminine touch. Women started wearing blouses and fancy neck accessories. These added a stylish and elegant feel to their outfits. Even with these feminine items, they still looked powerful and gained respect.

In the 1990s, power dressing got even more feminine. Women started wearing fabrics that offered elegance and charm, like satin and chiffon. Their clothes looked luxurious and drew attention with beautiful designs and details.

Key Features of Power Dressing Evolution:

  • Incorporation of feminine garments
  • Introduction of blouses and neck wrappings
  • Use of fabrics associated with women’s fashion
  • Playful and sensual silhouettes

Power dressing evolved to let women be themselves. It’s about showing strength and confidence, not hiding who they are. By combining feminine style with a powerful attitude, women can leave a lasting impact in their professional lives.

Power Dressing Now

Power dressing today is not just about looking authoritative. It is about showing who you are with confidence. It’s not just a look. It’s a feeling of strength from within. For women, it’s about wearing what feels right and boosts self-assurance.

It’s finding that special outfit that makes you feel unbeatable. It celebrates femininity and the understanding that our strength is in us. By styling yourself, you can show the world the real you and face any challenge with grace.

Power dressing is all about expression. It lets you be uniquely you through what you wear. From sophisticated to flamboyant, your style speaks volumes about you. It’s your personal mark on the world.

Confidence is everything in power dressing. When you’re sure about your outfit, it changes how you carry yourself and how you connect with others. It’s all about unlocking the power and confidence that’s already inside you.

True Self-Expression


Power dressing has changed how we see fashion, especially for women in work. At Glamoholic Apparel, we know how important it is. We offer top-notch clothes for men and women in Nigeria that help you show who you are. Wearing these clothes makes people feel sure of themselves and ready to win at work.

Power dressing is more than just clothes. It’s a way for women to feel and show their strength. Thanks to Glamoholic Apparel, you can learn to pick the right clothes and boost your style. Our clothes are curated selection of the finest luxury brands in women ad men’s wear. From glamorous event dresses to sophisticated formal wear, from statement handbags to chic shoes, we have everything you need to make a lasting impression.

Dressing to succeed is about being true to yourself, not just following what everyone else does. Power dressing is a way to let your inner strength shine through. It helps you look confident, which makes a big impression. With Glamoholic Apparel, you can easily use your style to show who you are and do well in your career.

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